Styling horizontal lines with css

There is hardly any website that I do that doesn’t use horizontal lines (called hr for horizontal rules).
They are great way to add structure to a page and separate content.
Now Chris Coyier of shows how to add some style with hr they are also a way to add some style –

Awesome, huh? Click through to css code.

Update: I was so tickled when after putting this post together, I got invite (through Meetup) to attend Chris’s talk at Automatic “A Modern Web Designer’s Workflow” – so looking forward!

New site this week – Standard 5&10 Ace

Standard 5&10 Ace in Laurel Village, San Francisco, your one-stop variety store since 1939. Family owned and operated, offering remodel solutions for more than seven decades.

I love serendipity – I ran into Michelle when she was serving popcorn at a local family oriented function (she is so hands on). A couple of months later we are redesigning Standard 5&10 Ace website to reflect all kinds of new features, check out her Pinterest wall.

Why I love designing webpages

Just a couple of minutes ago while goofingly answering Greg (of, I accidentally sent the reply to all SF WordPress list. Whoops. First! Imagining me realizing it a millisecond later and wishing for an undo button. I use gmail so not such luck. Everything is instantaneous.

So this is why I love, love designing webpages – while the information can appear instantaneously, there is the ability to go back and fix things. There is always an undo button (if you practice backup & revision control).

Makes me wish for Outlook – it had a delay between outbox & sendbox. I also miss outlook  “Send e-mail with delay” function.

What features do you loath/miss in gmail?