How To Remove The WordPress Stats Footer Smiley

If you are a WordPress user and you are utilizing the WordPress stats services you’ve probably noticed that the service also comes is a very small smiley face addition to your blog footer. The smiley was added as a visual way to ensure the stats are tracking.
You can hide WordPress Stats footer smiley by adding this line to the theme’s style.css stylesheet:

Styling horizontal lines with css

There is hardly any website that I do that doesn’t use horizontal lines (called hr for horizontal rules).
They are great way to add structure to a page and separate content.
Now Chris Coyier of shows how to add some style with hr they are also a way to add some style –

Awesome, huh? Click through to css code.

Update: I was so tickled when after putting this post together, I got invite (through Meetup) to attend Chris’s talk at Automatic “A Modern Web Designer’s Workflow” – so looking forward!

Reflections on WordCamp San Francisco 2012 (the good, the bad and the awesome)

As it was the first time and the last minute* decision to come volunteer at WCSF 2012, I didn’t have many expectations. After dragging myself into the Mission for a volunteer orientation the night before, I decided to take a morning bus into the city & rely on muni from there on.

So I got there by BBPress session and was really surprised to find out that the sessions were only 20 minutes long including Q&A. Just enough time to scratch a subject on the surface. So maybe that is why the best session in my opinion was the 45 minute long State of the Word 2012 address by Matt Mulenweg.
Here are the points in Matt’s presentation that resonated with me:

  • on making difference & WordPress type of person – apparently we like to make the word around us better. It might sound cheesy but it’s what drives me – being paid is great, the satisfaction of a well-built site that the client can easily maintain is as important. To use my skills for a bigger good I work on a site each year pro bono. When I built my website in less than a day, I made sure to include a tab inviting to apply for pro bono projects.

    Sites that are built using WordPress CMS

  • Twenty Twelve Theme HighlightsTwenty Twelve Theme Demo is here. The theme will look more like a CMS and include a Get Involved Tab in the dashboard
  • How much it costs to build a WordPress website – according the survey the median prices across the industry are $2500 for a small business website, $2000 for a non-profit ( see the theme here?), $4200 for a eCommerce sites
  • 2007-2011 The era of WordPress as CMS (it coincides with the way I have used WordPress those years). According to Matt, we live in the era of WordPress as an App Engine. I would have LOVED the WCSF and the new theme to reflect more  of it.

Example of using WordPress as an app engine

For those who rather hear Matt talk about it, here is the link to the State of the Word 2012 video on
Here are the slides of his presentation.

The highlights of the WCSF: Continue reading

Design, code, push or how to code a custom themed WordPress website in 5 hours

I’ve been developing custom themed WordPress sites for more than 6 years and was still without one of my own up till yesterday. I kept busy with building other people’s businesses and those people kept me pretty much all to themselves. Also, anyone who have put a website together (or _any_ other marketing campaign for that matter) knows the tough part is to pull branding together. The best is when your eyes are fresh, you are inspired and you have killer ideas. Also, lower expectations.

So I am about to be on Happiness Bar at WordCamp 2012  when I realize I cannot answer any “What theme is your site based on?” with “I coded it by hand back in the olden days”. This is it, I am making one right now. Less than a day before, that’s right. Design, code, push.
Apparently I am all about a good challenge. Just ask my mother. “Oh, Dilyara loves challenges.” she would tell anyone who would listen. NO. NOT REALLY.
Seriously though I love lounging on the couch and ice cream as the next person, but somebody needs to make things happen. It can as well be me. At least that what I told myself when during a big fundraiser Louie Romero gestured me to a accompany him on the scene for a hot samba. Y’all, let me save you the embarrassment. It can as well be me.

So I pushed myself out there and did it. If you are reading this.