Marinwood Community Acupuncture is a local acupuncture clinic ran by Ryan Dempsey. I came to him as last resort to treat my stubborn tennis elbow and was symptoms-free after 4 sessions. I also felt really ummm.. balanced.  Then months later I got a call from Ryan asking whether I can help him. He was starting his own studio and needed a website to announce it. Everything else was falling in in place and this was the last puzzle piece. Just as in his role as healthcare provider, Ryan shone as a client and delivered every piece of content within hours or minutes of me asking for it. The website, which is a treasure trove of information on acupuncture, herbal medicine & pain relief, was built in days.

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Deb Colden
is a premier Silicon Valley veteran executive coach. She didn’t really need her website to solicite more bussiness but reflect well on her. She had a website that was built in 90s which was factually correct but needed a style update & more. Deb represents the best of Silicon Valley in her casual professionalism and she wanted the website to reflect her warmth & approachability as well as strong work ethics. I wanted the site to reflect the slickness and aggressiveness of the industry she is in. Please be the judge whether we achieved all our goals. Custom WordPress theme based on Default TwentyTen Theme.

RaffleMD.com Dr. Raffle has a very opinionated and willful office administrator. She wanted a beautiful and non linear looking site showcasing the expert witness wisdom of the forensic psychiatrist. I believed in building a WordPress site so they can update themselves (and let me do fun things instead.) So the result is a WordPress site that doesn’t look in any way WordPress-y. The staff runs the site themselves with an occasional SEO advice & update from me. Half of the business comes from the website since the redesign & moving to WordPress. (The other half is word-of-mouth.) In a couple of month the site will be 7 years old. Talk about an excellent ROI.Custom WordPress theme.
TERRA Engineers Inc is a boutique  engineering firm that provides geotechnical, environmental and project/program management services to commercial clients (such as AECOM), public agencies (such as City Of San Francisco, BART, City of Daly City) and other architectural & engineering firms.Custom WordPress theme based on Default TwentyEleven Theme
Bringing Back The Natives Garden Tour is an important save-the-date for San Francisco Bay Area gardeners – it’s a must-see tour of showcase native plant gardens in the East Bay.
Website plays an important role announcing the dates of upcoming torus, providing with descriptions and pictures of the gardens. I came to this project as one of 3 HTML programmer volunteers.Even though Kathy Kramer, the organizer of the tour doesn’t have technical background, I beliveed she can run the site. This project was a perfect site to move to wordpress – 50+ gardens, a lot of them new every year, every garden owns a picture gallery. Staff reduction from 3 programmers +1 editor=4 to 1 editor. Since I converted the site in 2007, the only calls I get from Kathy are invitations to the garden tour.Custom WordPress theme with interactive galleries

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