On the advice of a friend I hired Dilyara to do a complete makeover. I was immediately impressed with how she listened to what I wanted, even when I wasn’t sure how to express it. She came back with several ideas and mock-ups, and explained how she would design the site so it was easy to maintain. Her prices were very reasonable and I’ve received many compliments on the site. Best attribute: so easy to work with, especially for someone who knows little about website design. Give her a call.
Deb Colden

We have worked with Dilyara on two projects. Each time, she’s worked closely with us to provide more than what we asked for. We found she’s easy to work with, creative, and pulls it together on time and without stress. She’s very knowledgeable about her tools and went out of her way to make things simple for us. We’ll definitely be working with her again and will continue to recommend her to friends and colleagues.
Jack Ivers

You are a miracle worker. Thank you very much for the last minute effort you put into this.


When people come to us from our website the come with a certain reverent attitude: Does doctor have time? Will he take our case?


Dilyara Breyer is a miracle. She was able to actualize what I had visualized for our Website. Her talents are shoulders above other Website developers I’ve worked with because she is technically proficient and artistic. She is also a good listener and is patient, with excellent customer service skills. Dilyara creates attractive Websites that people notice and want to read. She is a rare talent. I would highly recommend Dilyara to anyone who needs an online presence.
Dawn Yun

Your site is very impressive, I hope we get a chance to work with you.
George Demienne
President /CEO
Silicon Valley Direct, Inc.

Dilyara is an excellent web designer and developer who is sweet and great to work with! She made my website more beautiful and functional practically overnight.
Thank you so much for all your time, innovative ideas and expertise.
Sarah Buscho
What a *fantastic* job you’ve done on the WM website!! I am so impressed. And thank you for all that work.
I just got a publishing offer for my book! Yeah. I’d love to talk to you about the possibility of redoing my website .
Li Miao Lovett

Thanks Diyara, you’ve done an amazing job on the website. I can’t even imagine how much time and effort you must have put into it!
Its exciting to see everything put together!
Tania M

Dilyara! I can never thank you enough!!!
Really I mean that. Thank you so much!
I will add a profile soon–and btw, that’s the best photo I’ve ever taken in my life! Thank you for that, too.

The website is gorgeous. Fabulous job.

Wow, looks great, Dilyara! Fantastic job! Thanks for all your amazing, hard work.
Cindy Bailey

Thanks!!!! This just rocks so much!

Thanks for all your hard work Dilyara!!!  The site looks great!
Lauren A Cargill

You made my day – thank you!!
Maija Threlkeld
Consultant, Visual & Verbal Brand Strategy

Thanks for all your hard work on the website. It looks great.
Lorrie Goldin

thanks for all of your amazing work!
Jennifer Gunter

What  a fabulous website!
I especially like the photo thumbnails accompanying the blogs!
Charlene Geffen

Thanks again for an amazing website!

Marilee Stark, PhD